More details about the next release: 0.0.3

Our team has decided on what will appear in our next release. We will not receive any new feature requests before the official release. However, you are still welcome to post a request on our GitHub, new requests will be added to our next patch.

In the earlier version (0.0.1 and 0.0.2), we have prototyped the basic features and workflow of CVPM. In the next releases, we will focus on the usability. More specific, in the ongoing alpha version, 0.0.3, we are going to release the following major changes and features.

  1. Dashboard. We are going to release a dashboard for cvpm. It is an amazing easy-to-use user interface to interact with. Also, we would like to introduce a demo instance for tests purpose.

  2. Pre-install & Post-install scripts.

  3. Release Hub.

  4. Allow upload models by CLI or web UI.

Although we cannot provide an exact release date yet, our team believe it will be available before January 2019.

At the same time, we will gradually started the business procedure after the next stable release. We still have no idea what the exact version number, but we will always place the stability and usabiy before the business expansion.